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Exactly What term defines your relationship: polygyny, polyamory, monandry? Plus, just what polygamy really means

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Exactly What term defines your relationship: polygyny, polyamory, monandry? Plus, just what polygamy really means

Exactly What term defines your relationship: polygyny, polyamory, monandry? Plus, just what polygamy really means

Intercourse, wedding, plus the legislation. Constantly complicated. That’s just why there are therefore numerous terms to explain exactly exactly how two different people (often more) live and love together. Like polygamy.

Do you really recall the 2007 arrest of Warren Jeffs, a spiritual frontrunner and polygamist on fees involving numerous marriages and underage girls? The truth, and polygamy, are right right back into the news. pinalove dating

The Utah Supreme Court reversed the fees against Jeffs and ordered a trial that is new saying the jury received poor guidelines. The legal situation revives interest not merely in polygamy however in all the various forms of wedding additionally the words that describe the multiplicity of matrimony.

Polygamy is “the training or condition of getting one or more partner, esp. Spouse, in the past. ” Here’s the crucial component: polygamy relates generally to numerous partners or numerous marriages, perhaps not husbands or wives in specific. The alternative of polygamy is monogamy. Poly could be the Greek root for “many. ” Mono is “one. ” Gamos is “marriage. ” So these terms literally reference “many or one wedding. ” Another common gamos term is bigamy, “the criminal activity of marrying an individual while one is nevertheless lawfully hitched to another person. ” The bi- is Latin for “two. ” But here’s one may very well not understand that complicates matters further: Digamy is really what you call “a second wedding, following the death or divorce or separation associated with very first wife or husband. ” Di- can also suggest “two” or “double. ”

Is this complicated sufficient yet? Because there’s more nuptial nomenclature nonsense. It’s a typical misconception that polygamy means one guy hitched to multiple spouses. The genuine term for that arrangement is polygyny, “the training or condition of getting one or more spouse in the past. ” Poly was defined above, and -gyny probably appears familar, from words like gynecology and misogyny: it is the Greek gyne, “woman. ”

How about a girl who’s got multiple spouse at once? That’s polyandry. ( Andro is Greek for “man. ”)

Our journey boils down to a couple more terms, certainly one of that is quite controversial. Amour in –amory. Tellingly, one concept of amour is “a key relationship. ” Polyamory cuts to a primal concern about love, wedding and relationships: fidelity, and its particular counterpart, infidelity.

Our last terms are exactly how many individuals would explain due to their relationships: monandry, “the training or condition of getting one husband at any given time, ” and monogyny, the thing that is same regarding spouses.

Just What do these words state regarding your relationship while the state of wedding generally speaking?

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