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College Hookup Hype at VRBangers with Sorority Hookup !

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College Hookup Hype at VRBangers with Sorority Hookup !

College Hookup Hype at VRBangers with Sorority Hookup !

Getting back again to doing a bit of reviews after being ill as hell the couple that is last and wished to remember to get the much hyped VRBangers release out of this weekend, Sorority Hookup role 1 featuring Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers, Piper Perri and Kenzie Reeves. With casting being a pretty wise solution here it comes right down to seeing what VRBangers has in the bag productionwise more or less as it has been pushing close to a year now since the last time I checked out a Bangers flick so I was curious to check this one out. With brand brand brand new manufacturing up to speed when you look at the U.S., i’ve been planning to get a review of a number of the more recent VRBangers movies and Sorority Hookup could be the first one we have actually had an opportunity to jot down to date this thirty days. Overall, it is not too bad in the tech stuff and also the skill is clearly great, but in the drawback, they will allow you to wait a complete thirty days for component 2, therefore no rush on pushing that sub key if this specific film has you regarding the fence about a VRBangers sub.


Setup for Sorority Hookup has you sneaking into the Sorority home to hookup up along with your woman Piper and subsequently her Sorority mates Kenzie, Jaye and Elena into the future into the scene.

PoV is just about the conventional cam below the chin, directly along the torso that is male 12 months one VR porn blind spot shot therefore absolutely nothing to leap down and up about there. Component 1 of Sorority Hookup features just this PoV setup, which means you will have to reside with it when it comes to period plus it seems about average with this types of setup.

​Stock VR PoV

The standpoint the following is typical for the reason that you have seen countless times if you have been watching VR porn for the last 3 years that it feels pretty much like a cam view on a guys chest and it’s one. Thankfully, studios like BaDoinkVR/VRCosplayX are just starting to evolve this shot by tilting the rig up some to mimic exacltly what the real PoV could be whenever laying on your own straight straight back during intercourse but this dead ahead shot is nevertheless a typical setup unfortuitously.

​Average technology

Sound begins sounding pretty decent nevertheless the setup gets jostled toward the final end of this scene and minds when it comes to crapper when this occurs. Otherwise, the technology appears and appears pretty typical when comparing to the majority of the other studios.

Piper Perri

Action gets crackin with Piper who a job that is sweet the setup as always and this woman is certainly one of my faves to view in VR at this time, making a great choice to hold the majority of the scene right right right here with regards to getting things going using the setup dialog.

“Your cock has already been so very hard”

Initial a few mins for the film are pretty much Piper suckin on yer cock, first away in the wild then later on tucked below a blanket just in case someone chooses to walk into the space, which Kenzie Reeves eventually does around 6 mins in to the film.


Kenzie sits right down to check always her mail and quickly notices the motion underneath the blanket for a wtf have you been dudes doing in here minute.

“You’re nevertheless a virgin right?”

After some straight back n’ forth where Piper calls Kenzie down on still bein a cherry, Kenzie’s chatted into participating and there then follows a good 8 moments or more of dental action using the 2 girls before Piper brings down her top and has now a chair together with you.

​Towering cowgirl

The cowgirl views feel pretty high above you right right here as a result of the mediocre PoV but otherwise the action appears quite nice as Piper and Kenzie take turns along with you.

​Off center close ups

You can find up close bits occasionally— much of it down center or combined with bro hands closer up to your cam—as well as some WanzkVR style asshole licking from Piper prior to you.

“can it be tight infant?”

Kenzie hops on for some reverse cowgirl action around 23 moments in while Piper is put below laying between your 2 of you for some unique searching framing/positioning.

“Aren’t you happy you did not go right to the Deans workplace?”

Kenzie continues to ride you in ahead cowgirl in this part & most for the action is certainly with ok cupid.com sign in Kenzie Reeves to some extent 1 of Sorority Hookup right right here, as Jaye and Elena do not wander in to the scene until very nearly thirty minutes have actually elapsed and Piper is a lot more of the instigator, assisting Kenzie get her virgin fuck on and getting together with the digital digital camera.

Elena and Jaye appear

Elena and Jaye head into the space at concerning the 30 minute mark utilizing the cellie rollin and after some forward and backward choose to participate in regarding the action aswell.

​Kind of sucks knowing the scene will probably end

Jaye hops on in forward cowgirl at concerning the 36 minute mark, but it’s form of a buzzkill comprehending that the scene is mostly about to finish and therefore by itself prevented almost any genuine momentum from gathering in my situation right here, despite all the action searching quite good. That you will be waiting for part 2 to get your Koshka fix on if you are an Elena Koshka fan as well, you are getting the impression by now.

​Audio minds south

The mic gets bumped at this time and sound is pretty detrimental to all of those other scene, accepting a little bit of a muffled tunnel impact.

​Brief moments with Elena

Elena hops on to finish the scene by having a brief trip before the film dumps oddly into preview mode, where you can get a moment roughly of preview footage of part 2, all lending the termination of that one by having a hurried and jumbled feeling which makes it hard to envision viewing both components as an even more seamless complete movie down the road down the road.

In the positives, the casting and setup are pretty great and I also liked which they do not simply dump 4 girls in your lap all at one time as is usually the instance with multi-girl scenes such as this, and also the pacing exercised quite well except that things being cut short halfway regarding the action. Edits, whenever current, are done via clear dissolves, so things run pretty seamless for the reason that respect and it’s also good to see other studios using clear vs. black transitions that individuals continue to be seeing at WankzVR for example. Overall, we enjoyed the premise and setup of this scene as well as the girls are superb.

Regarding the negatives: primarily chopping it in two for drip feeding purposes for me personally. I’m not an admirer for this after all, if it is VRBangers or HoloGirlsVR also it takes a tremendous amount far from scene continuity and cohesion in the long run, robbing scenes of energy and possibly interrupting your fap. Like, as a movie, as I knew in the back of my mind the entire time it was going to end halfway through for me, I never even got my dick out during this scene, it was more just watching it.