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I felt like my boyfriend had cheated on me personally a while later

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I felt like my boyfriend had cheated on me personally a while later

I felt like my boyfriend had cheated on me personally a while later

Theresa, 29 is a senior advertising supervisor

My boyfriend and I also had been together for approximately a 12 months therefore we had talked about threesomes but never really – similar to a hot dream.

One time we had been spending time with a buddy of mine in her own home. My boyfriend leaned over and kissed me personally after which she made protestations that are fake: “Get a room”, and I also replied with something similar to: “You’re simply jealous because you’re not involved”.

‘It ended up being a little bit of psychological mindfuck that my boyfriend had slept with my buddy and therefore made me feel a bit confused and conflicted’

She walked over and another thing quite literally cause another. The the next thing I knew we had been having a threesome. It absolutely was inevitably embarrassing at some components but i believe with it, we were all pretty relaxed and had fun because we just went.

But after it had been a little bit of psychological mindfuck that my boyfriend had slept with my pal. That made me feel a bit conflicted and confused. After all, theoretically he’d cheated, but We had additionally decided to it.

We had been a bit sheepish whenever it stumbled on going out after that, then again it absolutely was fine. My boyfriend and I also chatted regarding how we felt however it didn’t influence our relationship at all – it became among those “LOL remember whenever we did that” type of tale.

I’ve never had another threesome, for the reason that I’m fairly certain I’d have a similar conflicting emotions if it was two guys and me about it even.

It didn’t get not surprisingly

Jessie, 23is students

I happened to be in a relationship with some guy for the couple that is first of university, and we also had been really drawn and infatuated with one another. A little before being with this particular man, I’d started to realise that we had been bisexual, and I also simply told him 1 day that I liked the notion of being with him and an other woman.

It was discussed by us a great deal. It took a little while for us to locate an individual who had been down for this and whom both of us liked. We been able to find this individual through Tinder.

We put guidelines of everything we had been fine with. He had been sweet about any of it, quite definitely such as: “This is for you and in regards to you and I’m just fortunate to be an integral part of it, if you ever get uncomfortable or jealous or unhappy at all, even in the event it’s mid-sex, simply state therefore and we’ll all end right then”.

We said that anything physically had been fine, but unless i was cool with it that we’d all be STD tested and use condoms and that if we befriended the woman, the two of them wouldn’t ever hang out without me.

‘After we’d all hung down, it simply became less of the intercourse triangle situation and much more of this two of them kind of pampering me personally.’

Overall, the knowledge ended up being completely lovely nonetheless it didn’t get even as we expected. We talked a lot towards the woman in advance who, in her own terms, 90 per cent “preferred girls.”

But she and I also had been into one another, and she and my boyfriend got in like old chums, therefore it just became less of a sex triangle situation and more of the two of them sort of pampering me after we’d all hung out.

We all hung out about three times, but fundamentally he and I also went back once again to our regular sex life that is two-person. It taught me personally some things that are important truthful interaction, both in the bed room sufficient reason for your ideas and feelings.


It validated for me that being drawn to ladies wasn’t just during my mind but that I positively like them a lot.

We split up for totally not related reasons pretty very long after we’d done all this, and I also would positively do that once again.