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The umpteenth cup fiasco of Real Madrid: Alcorcón, Toledo, Cádiz, Zaragoza ..

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The umpteenth cup fiasco of Real Madrid: Alcorcón, Toledo, Cádiz, Zaragoza ..

The umpteenth cup fiasco of Real Madrid: Alcorcón, Toledo, Cádiz, Zaragoza ..

You speak on social networks, who plays? As if it were a group of colleagues. Obviously we are not friends as such, but it has been like that, very natural, there is no brand, no representative, or any interest involved. It has no more mystery.

– Q: At a time when sports have had to stop because of the pandemic, is this the opportunity for eSports to make themselves known?

– A: Yes, the truth is that it is a good opportunity, it is ugly to say because I wish the coronavirus had not passed, there were no people in their houses locked up, there were no deceased people or dismissal of workers. But obviously, people continue to do their work, me in streaming, the eSports leagues continue and have a lot of workers, and since there is no sport now, it is a good opportunity for people to know what virtual sport is like and whether you are interested or not.

– Q: You have narrated all kinds of competitions, would you like to narrate sports?

– A: Yes, I have had some collaborations in sports, they called me from Onda Vasca to do a Barça-Athletic, also with ‘El Chiringuito’, I have had offers this year to do football and basketball, but I would need at least two or three weeks or a month of preparation with an expert, because I like to be informed. I preferred to leave it and focus on this of ‘streaming’ in G2 (the eSports team of the Spanish Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodríguez, for which he works) and if I had dedicated myself to traditional sports now I would be unemployed. You never know what fate holds for you.

– Q: What would you recommend to someone who is at home these days and wants to learn about eSports? ·

A: I would recommend that you go to Twitch and see what you like the most, because there is everything from ‘League of Legends’ to’ Fortnite ‘,’ Call of Duty ‘,’ Counter-Strike ‘, to classic games like’ Tetris’, ‘Pokémon’ … Come in, do some research and maybe you can spend evenings watching ‘streams’ just like watching a series.

Real Madrid suffered their sixth defeat against Betis this season and the fourth with Militao as the starter. The Brazilian has not quite joined his new team in a course in which Zidane gives him few opportunities. The French coach relies on Varane and Ramos as fixed and only dispenses with them due to sanctions, injuries or in the Cup, a tournament that was reserved for secondary players. His presence is being negative since his team lost four of the nine games in which he started.


On 03/10/2020 at 10:15 CET

Alejandro Alcazar @AlexanderAlcza2


Éder Militão

Madrid lost 3-0 in Paris to PSG with Ramos suspended and Militao in his place. The Brazilian started again in Mallorca, replacing Varane, who Zidane decided to rest. 1-0 defeat, the first in the League in nine games. The French coach reserved the Cup for some secondary players, including the Brazilian, who started the debacle against Real Sociedad 3-4.


Since the defeat against the San Sebastian, Militao had not started again. Zidane decided to put him on the right back against Betis, a task that he has already performed and that did not catch him again, but the Brazilian was not up to the game and the white team reaped its sixth defeat of the season, fourth with the Brazilian from headline. They have lost three in the League, two in the Champions League and one in the Cup.

The cheapest League since the year of ‘complacency’

Militao, present in all Madrid defeats

Militao, 22 years old, is a center-back with a future whose arrival at Madrid does not help him as a permanent substitute. He has seen 24 games on the bench and two in the stands of the 39 that the whites have played. They paid Porto 50 million euros last March that they are not making profitable at the moment.

Éder Militao is a lucky guy. At least in his appearances with Real Madrid and his national team in 2019, a year that is not being too kind to him. He has started six games to date, three with each team, and has lost four, two with each shirt. One won with the whites and another tied with the ‘Canarinha’. And it is not that he is a bad defense, on the contrary, but his appearances have not provided reliability to his teams.


Act. 11/19/2019 at 1:57 PM CET

Alejandro Alcazar


Éder Militão

With Brazil he has started three times out of the 15 games they have played. He is a regular substitute, but Tite trusts him for his youth and good conditions. However, their presence is synonymous with problems. The first starting match, they drew against Panama (1-1) and in the next two Brazil was defeated by Peru and Argentina, both 1-0.


With Real Madrid, he has also played three starting games of the 16 he has been in since the season began. In first the first one played for Ramos in Paris against PSG. The captain was injured and Madrid suffered a severe defeat: 3-0. In the second he made his debut at the Bernabéu against Osasuna with a 2-0 win. Zidane had given Varane a rest against the rojillos and did the same in Mallorca, where Militao played and they lost 1-0.

Barça War – Madrid by Skriniar

"Hazard is the laziest player I’ve ever worked with"

Militao plays with a dropper and when given the opportunity he shows a lack of rhythm and, at times, understanding with his teammates. In his favor, he is 21 years old and has a lot to learn, but if he does not play, his progression stagnates. Real Madrid paid 50 million to Porto for his signing with the hope that he will end up settling in the team, because he has qualities.

The defeat of Madrid against Real Sociedad (3-4) that meant the elimination of the Whites in the Copa del Rey, exposed a defense that made waters throughout the match. One of the prominent names left by the party is Eder Militao, the Brazilian central defender was clearly identified after the cup clash.


On at 18:12 CET

Kevin Herrero


Éder Militão

In Sport English

Eder Militao played in all of Real Madrid’s defeats

The three defeats of Real Madrid this season have a common denominator: Militao was a starter in all of them. The Brazilian was in the starting eleven against PSG in the Champions League, Mallorca in the League and against Real Sociedad in last night’s defeat, in which the white defense succumbed to Isak, Odegaard and company.

The former Porto, who arrived in the capital this summer for 50 million euros, does not quite fit into Zidane’s scheme. He has played 10 starting games this season, in which the Whites have left 11 of the 30 points at stake.

In those 10 games in which the Brazilian started, ‘Zizou’ chose up to eight different defenses, which complicates the acclimatization of the young 22-year-old defender to whom the Frenchman is not offering continuity and less fixed companions for this adaptation be simpler.

Militao, who seems not to have gotten off on the right foot at Madrid, cannot abandon his secondary role in the squad. So far, the French coach has chosen the Brazilian in their line-ups as a patch to give rest to the two pillars of the white defense: Varane and Ramos. The center-back who stood out at Porto must step forward and remove that ‘jinx’ that, for the moment, is haunting him in his debut season at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid runs out of the Cup in a final stretch of madness (3-4)

The umpteenth cup fiasco of Real Madrid: Alcorcón, Toledo, Cádiz, Zaragoza …


Only a complaint before the Competition Committee could mean that Cucurella’s alleged insults to Militao would have disciplinary consequences. As it is not included in the arbitration record, it is not the norm of this Committee chaired by Carmen Pérez like the previous ones with Francisco Rubio or Alfredo Florez, to enter ex officio before an event in the match. 

01/05/2020 at 11:00 CET

Ramon Fuentes


Éder Militão

A procedure is only initiated when it is included in the arbitration brief, at the request of the CSD or at the request of a third party. This is how clear the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF makes it, where in its article 22 and which literally says the following: " The initiation ex officio may occur at the initiative of the body itself, by virtue of a reasoned complaint or based on the reports of the Officials Specialized in the fight against violence, racism, xenophobia, intolerance and in general, discrimination against any kind". 

Then it seems clear that only a complaint from Real Madrid as a club or from the Militao himself could imply that this event has more travel. Something that seems ruled out, not only because Cucurella denied it outright, but also because there is an unwritten law where the clubs do not denounce each other in this type of situation. Another very different thing is when there are chapters of undue alignment as happened in the Cadiz-Real Madrid several seasons ago or last season with the complaint of Levante against the Football Club Barcelona del Levante also for this circumstance. Complaint, the latter, which occurred after the deadline, hence it never had sporting consequences for the Barcelona Football Club. 

Furthermore, Cucurella himself categorically denied that he had called "monkey" , An appellation of monkey, to the Madrid defender. He made it very clear on his twitter account where he wrote that "at no time have I insulted, insulted or disqualified Militao. My words have been "Shut up". To just later apologize if you have been able to disturb his words: "I apologize if anyone has been offended by it. These are the only statements that I have made and will make about it".

Flamengo agrees to negotiate the transfer of 1xbet login india Reinier to Real Madrid

Ancelotti wants James Rodríguez

It seems clear then that we are facing a matter settled and that it will have no further travel.